Jonghe's "Phalli...."

Moselio Schaechter mschaech at
Tue May 2 02:51:06 EST 2000

Some time ago, I posted the message below.  No response.    In dispair,
I'll try again.   I would appreciate any help at all, even hints of where
to look.  San Diego, where I live, is hardly a hotbed of botanical Latin

Here's my message:

For work on Renaissance mycological writings, does anyone know of a
translation into any modern European language of

A. Jonghe (Junius), "Phalli, ex fungorum genere in Hollandiae....   "

Second best, do you know of someone willing and able to translate it for a
fee?  I own a xerox copy, which is quite readable.   However, this is
florid Renaissance Latin, not the easiest to translate.

I could extend my request to other works as well, but this will hold me for

With thanks,

Elio Schaechter


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