What mushroom is it ?

Aruncus aruncus at aol.com
Fri May 5 14:50:49 EST 2000

I  cultured a bed of  mixed hardwood chips outdoors with Stropharia
rugosa-annulata two years ago,  and some other mushroom has come up this
spring.  I have tried to key it without much success to this point.  It grows
in clusters on the wood chips. The mushrooms are a tawny color.  Has a light
brown spore print,  is veiled, leaving a ragged lookig annulus .  The stems are
 about 8 mm.  at maturity.  The stalk is centered on the cap, but turns off
center lower as it enters substrate.    The cap is smooth, not viscid when wet.
 Gills appear to be notched  ( this is kind of confusing character to me,  
does one look at young specimens or old ?), the gills  where they meet the stem
continue as raised segments on the stem for about 4mm or so, but also look
somewhat notched where they meet the stem.  They have pulled away from the stem
at maturity.  The stem has  a solid outer portion but the interior apppears as
a pithy core.   Any ideas on this one, I can try and get a picture of it if
needed.  I am thinking cortinariaceae or strophariaceae ?  I would appreciate 
your thoughts.  I  fried up like three of them,  they taste quite good. 
Probably not the brightest thing to have done at his point, but I ruled out
Galerina and Amanitas.  Thanks, Kevin

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