What mushroom is it ?

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>I  cultured a bed of  mixed hardwood chips outdoors with Stropharia
>rugosa-annulata two years ago,  and some other mushroom has come up this
>spring.  I have tried to key it without much success to this point.  It grows
>in clusters on the wood chips. The mushrooms are a tawny color.  Has a light
>brown spore print,  is veiled, leaving a ragged lookig annulus .  The stems
> about 8 mm.  at maturity.  The stalk is centered on the cap, but turns off
>center lower as it enters substrate.    The cap is smooth, not viscid when
> Gills appear to be notched  ( this is kind of confusing character to me,  
>does one look at young specimens or old ?), the gills  where they meet the
>continue as raised segments on the stem for about 4mm or so, but also look
>somewhat notched where they meet the stem.  They have pulled away from the
>at maturity.  The stem has  a solid outer portion but the interior apppears
>a pithy core.   Any ideas on this one, I can try and get a picture of it if
>needed.  I am thinking cortinariaceae or strophariaceae ?  I would appreciate
>your thoughts.  I  fried up like three of them,  they taste quite good. 
>Probably not the brightest thing to have done at his point, but I ruled out
>Galerina and Amanitas.  Thanks, Kevin

Consider genus Agrocybe*---especially A. acericola---they are a common and
typically abundant part of the "woodchip mycoflora."

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