Fugal flotation

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> Ingoldian aquatic hyphomycetes may be your target,
> and the chapter of freshwater fungi in the book 'Fungal Ecology'
> by Dix & Webster (Publ. Chapman & Hall, London) seems to be a good start.
> Good luck.
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> > Does anyone know of any fungi that have floating ability. Or even aquatic
> > plant seeds that may float. I am looking at foatation as an adaptation to
> > aquatic environment. Any leads would be heplful.
> > R
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You might also check oolitic fungi, such as the two which comprise
Kombucha/Kambucha tea (along with two bacteria in a complex symbiosis).
I believe Paul Stamets wrote about these in an article in Mushroom, The
Journal of Wild Mushrooming 2-3 years ago.

The "mother" of Kombucha/Kambucha tends to float on the surface of the
cold tea, supported in part by gasses produced by the symbiosis.

Daniel B. Wheeler

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