water agar

Russ Bulluck lrbulluck at ucdavis.edu
Tue May 30 16:12:34 EST 2000

Water agar refers to a solid medium of agar (could be any brand i.e.
Difco, Fisher, etc) and water that's autoclaved and poured onto plates.
The usual concentration is 15-20 g of agar per liter.

HYUN C KIM wrote:

> Hi, I read a few articles on the nematophagous fungi, and have came
> across a few mentiong about the "water agar" which is believed to be
> used in counting infected nematodes by nematophagous destroying fungi.
> can anyone who knows about this please tell me what this "water agar"
> supposed use? or even its composition? Any lead to this clue will be
> much appriciated! thank you!

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