I need HELP on a mushroom science project!!!

Charles Lindeman DocCharley at webtv.net
Tue Nov 21 15:11:31 EST 2000

I am working with a science project involving mushrooms.
I have scanned all the sites looking for what makes Oyster mushrooms
grow larger and/ or faster.
So far, I found a science project at Dr. Rush Waynes site that involved
using Alaska fish fertilizer.
By spraying this on the mushrooms, the weight was increased by 11.6%.
But I cannot find any other information in this area, it seems not many
people are working to produce bigger mushrooms for food production.
My questions are:
What can I use to make my oysters larger, or grow faster?
I saw some information on gibberellic acid, but no details on how much
to use, or how well it works.
Will plant hormones work?
How about black cohosh?
Where can I learn about this research, are any doctors working on bigger
mushrooms to help feed the world?
Do you have any suggestions on what I should try for my experiment?
What works?
Thank you so much, any information will be GREATLY appreciated!!!

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