Help me ID suspected S.C. spores (urgent)

The Dude michelob at
Thu Nov 23 02:35:34 EST 2000


I'm trying to identify some spore samples recently taken in a residence
(where the residents, both past and present, are ill with a variety of
conditions). Any assistance is greatly appreciated since several people
have become seriously ill with the suspect being toxigenic mold

Here is what is seen by direct microscopic examination:

Numerous ovoid, single-celled spores (conidia). Individual conidia show
a swirled, ridged topography under a standard microscopic lens set at
400 to 800 power (without oil immersion).

Sample methodology: Scotch Tape applied directly to surface of
suspected area; examined adhesive side up with light transillumination
using approx. 400 to 800 x.

Because this sample was taken at what is most likely not the site of
colonization, there was only one structure resembling S.c. but numerous

Question: Is this ridged topography *unique* to S.c. spores? In other
words, is this sufficient to positively ID S.c.?

Thanks in advance!

- Jeff,  A concerned researcher and non-microbiologist

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