shiitake production numbers

R.G.Woodside richwood at
Mon Nov 27 14:46:19 EST 2000

Friedemann Greulich wrote:
> Hi everybody,
> Is there any friendly soul on this list who knows where to find some
> statistics about shiitake mushroom production of the last few years in
> the United States and maybe some other countries (e.g. Europe)?
> I would very much appreciate a short message directly to me
> (f.g at or to this list (bionet.mycology).
> Thank you very much
> Friedemann Greulich


Give a man a fish:

Teach him to fish:
Go to:
Enter "mushroom production" or "shiitake" or the search phrase of your

I hope that this helps.

Richard Woodside,
Halifax, Nova Scotia.

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