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>From the number of posts to these NGs, one must conclude most mycophiles
are growing through a laying period prior to fruiting. <G> So, share some
of your favorite books to study or re-read. How about books as presents
for the new mycologist/mycophagist? Cookbooks? And to save some sanity in
a field where a reference work can be hundreds of dollars, please keep
suggestions under $50.

My favorites continue to be David Aurora's Mushrooms Demystified and All
The Rain Promises. Both blend humor, culinary, and quality photos which
made my initial forages much safer and rewarding.

Gerrit J. Keizer's Encyclopaedia of Fungi has excellent color photos,
quality notes and many lesser noted fungi than in other books, such as
Typhula erythropus. Even if I am unlikely to see them in my area, I still
enjoy the thrill of what others have seen and found.

And my newest favorite book is Helene M.E. Schalkwijk-Barendsen's
Mushrooms of Northwest North America, with beautiful watercolor
illustrations so lifelike that they are often more true-to-life than
photos I have seen. I also enjoy the details which can be brought out
easier in watercolors and drawings than you often see in real life, such
as the radiating lines of Cyathus striatus, the view from below of
Endoptychum agaricoides, the additional foliage of nearby trees or hosts
such as in Hygrophorus morrisii, or stip and cap cross sections in
Morchella elata.

What are your favorites?

Daniel B. Wheeler

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