Fungi fd 9/30/2000

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Sun Oct 1 08:57:48 EST 2000

Found the following fungi in Clackamas County, OR at approximately 3600
feet elevation in the Cascade Mountains:

Boletus mirabilis (Queen bolete)
Clavaria purpurea (Purple Club Coral)
Dentinum repandum (Sweet Tooth, Hedgehog)
Rhizopogon vinicolor (Wine-staining Rhizopogon)
Gomphus floccosus (Scaley Vase Chanterelle)
Gomphus tomentosus (Fuzzy-stemmed Gomphus)
Gomphidius subroseus or oregonensis
Suilllus lakei
Leucophleps or Leucogaster (rubescens?)
Hymenogaster sps.
Martellia brunnescens
Ramaria formosa (Yellow-tipped Coral)
possible Tuber sp.

It is interesting that almost everything I found today is edible,
excepting Gomphus floccosus (which I have eaten, but do not recommend)
and Ramaria formosa.

Daniel B. Wheeler

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