Lepista ID

Edwin Hutton e.hutton at ic.ac.uk
Mon Oct 2 12:39:54 EST 2000

Colin Davidson wrote:
> Dear All,
> Hoping you can help me ID a lepiota (I think) I've found.
> It's growing on grass next to a car park. White cap, tanned slightly in the
> centre, smooth, not scaly (unlike the other lepiota I've found). Peels.
> Spore print white. Somewhat bulbous at base. Smells pleasantly mushroomy,
> slightly remeniscent of Calocybe gambosum. The flesh is white, and doesn't
> change colour. The stem is also white, although its a little tanned at the
> base. The stem is slightly hollow, with a tube running through the middle.
> Gills white (slightly cream) and free of the stem. The ring is attached and
> pointing slightly upwards. Cap about 5 and a half to six centimetres across,
> stem up to about 8 cm.
> This one has me stumped, but then I', not good at lepiota,
> Thanks,
> Colin.

Almost certainly Lepiota Leucothites. I found some very good ones
on Saturday. With age the gills go a bit pinkish.

This is edible (and quite good) but do be very careful due to the
similarity with Amanita Phalloides var.alba and A. Virosa.

Edwin Hutton

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