Aborted entoloma

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Sat Oct 7 09:59:13 EST 2000

>The aborted form of Entoloma arbotivum is currently fruiting in my area.
>I've heard it's a good edible, but have never prepared it.  If anyone out
>there has experience cooking this mushroom I would really appreciate advice
>on how to prepare it.  

Simmer-sauté in butter with a little oil... and watch out for "mushy"
specimens—cook only specimens which are firm!

Personally, I prefer the unaborted specimens.  Several years ago, at the annual
Peck Foray (held that year at SUNY Cortland biological field station on the
Adirondack Mountains' Raquette Lake), the participants (mostly mycology grad
students from universities around the state and beyond) found huge fruitings of
E. abortivum.  Some of the amateur mushroomers (led by Roy Reehil, mayor of
Cleveland*) cooked a batch up as a side dish for dinner; I recall cries of
gustatory delight exceeded in volume only by the abundant fruitings in the
woods.  For many of the students, this was their FIRST sampling of any wild
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