Meltzer's reagent

Peter Verdon peter at
Thu Oct 12 11:48:03 EST 2000

Yes, David is right on the controlled substance issue. However, there are
alternatives for the amateur. Try these:

Lactophenol - without the phenol!!
Lactic acid 20g
Glycerol 40g
water 20ml
.......with a dash of cotton blue!


Acid fuchsin (pink dye) 0.1g
Lactic acid 100ml


Shear's mounting medium:
2% potassium acetate (by weight) in distilled water 300ml
glycerine 120ml
95% alcohol 180ml
ink blue (dye) 0.1-0.2% by weight

Both the Shear's and the lacto-fuchsin will last for several weeks if sealed
with nail varish.

Peter Verdon

Birkbeck College
University of London

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