Needed: Lobster mushroom recipes

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Here are some links to recipes using lobster mushrooms (many using them
mixed with other mushrooms) on the web: (one
for Loster Mushroom Frittata and one for Spaghetti with Chicken, Spinach,
and Lobster Mushrooms) (Justin's Canterbury Chicken) (Lobster Mushroom Frittata) (Puff Pastry Boxes
Filled with Soy-Infused Wild Mushrooms) (Sautéed Provimi Veal Chop with Wild
Mushroom Risotto, Green Beans and Tarragon Sauce) (LOBSTER MUSHROOM
n (Mushroom Salad) (Braised lobster
mushrooms over biscuits) (Loster Mushroom Salad) (Mushroom
Salad) (Potato and Black
Truffle Crusted Scallops) (Wild Lobster Crepes)
Lobster%20Mushroom.htm~main (Roast Breast with Lobster Mushroom) (Grilled Striped
Bass with Lobster Mushrooms, Fingerling Potatoes and Lobster Vinaigrette) (Exotic
Mushroom Strudel with Smoked Tomato Sauce) (Wild Mushroom Torte) (Just for the Halibut)

This list is not meant to be complete.

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> I have just gone through most of my mushrooms cookbooks. Almost everyone
> mentions Lobster mushrooms, but no-one mentions how to cook them, or what
> recipes to use them with. I'm hopeful someone out there can help me.
> How about posting any recipes here so others can view them as well.
> Daniel B. Wheeler
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