Information wanted

AlphaGamma xanangel at
Fri Oct 20 10:57:13 EST 2000


I would appreciate any suggestions about a really complete reference edition
(perhaps in the form of a multi-volume encyclopaedia) about mushrooms and
other fungi. I already have about a dozen of books about mushrooms - the
commonest ones - and I thought it's time I added something more "scientific"
to my library, as the guides already on my bookshelves have reached their
limits. Any ideas?

Also, I'd like to know if there are any other news- or discussion groups
besides this one and alt.nature.mushrooms, where I could find more posts and
more frequent posters.


Papadimitriou Angelos,

Please, visit my site MUSHROOMS IN GREECE, (
and have a look at a few hundred photographs of fungi I have found and

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