Satans Bolete

BobMcNaught bobmcnaught at
Sat Oct 21 15:40:14 EST 2000

I have come across a specimen of Boletus Satanus in the New Forest (Hampshire
England).  It is described as very rare in my mushroom books so I thought that
someone else may be interested.

It is small, being about 4 inches across (10 cm) with a dirty chalky cap
(somewhat eaten but unchanging) and a red swollen stem that goes yellowish near
the top.   Growing amongst beech and oak.  The white cap is the giveaway and I
recognised it instantly!  I have not examined the underside, etc, but simply
took some photos (which is what I had been doning all afternoon).

It is growing beside a rather well trod path such that it may be kicked over by
some myceliophobe.

I wold be happy to escort any interested individuals to its location only on
the understanding that the specimen is not harmed in any way.

Dunno, but if anyone is interested then leave your phone number with
bobmcnaught at and I will phone you.  Sunday (tomorrow) is the only day
'cos I have to go to work and it then get dark.

Bob McNaught

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