BobMcNaught bobmcnaught at
Sat Oct 21 16:56:06 EST 2000

while we're at it, I also came across the pure yellow form of cantharellus
tubaeformis (infundibiblioetc - my mushroom books are confused as to the proper
name of what we call trumpets, or simply 'cantharellus' to distingusish from
chanterelle, cornucopidea, etc )
Anyway, all of my books bar one do not mention this variety yet it is
strikingly beautiful.  The colour of the stalk is carried though to the gill
like things and the cap such that the whole fungus is uniform in colour.  The
clump is now reaching maturity mixed round the roots of a mature (oak/beech)
tree.   How rare is this ?

Bob McNaught
PS same walk as Satanus.  What a good year this year is!

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