BobMcNaught bobmcnaught at
Sun Oct 22 11:15:38 EST 2000

.>Is it possible it is one of the rare Cantharellus cibarius with hollow

Im pretty sure it was not a chanterelle.
The stem was flattened and hollow, the cap thin and looking exactly like the
normal tubaeformis.  There were some scores of specimens over an area of a
couple of square metres or so.   I found 10 or so other patches of the nomal
tubaeformis so had plenty to compare with.
Tubaeformis also happens to be my second favourite edible fungus (after B.
Bob McNaught

PS.  Most of my fungus books describe the frequency of tubaeformis as
'infrequent' while that of orange peel fungus as 'common'   Well, I've never
seen orange peel fungus but have now seen about 30 patches of tubaeformis. Odd.

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