Fungi fd. 10/23/2000

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Tue Oct 24 11:42:57 EST 2000

Fd the following fungi at 1000' elevation under Douglas fir plantation in
Clark County, WA:

Tuber gibbosum var. autumnale (Oregon White truffles) (3.5 pounds)
Hymenogaster parksii (or similar sps)
Rhizopogon vinicolor
Martellia brunnescens
Helvella lacunosa
Suillus luteus
Amanita gemmata
Macrolepiota rhacodes
Boletus zelleri
Boletus chrysenteron
Collybia sps, (small)

The above collection represents 2 people hunting for 3.5 hours, or 7 man-
hours of time to find 3.5 pounds of T. gibbosum var. autumnale. This
includes the ability to distinquish between immature Hymenogaster parksii
and button Amanitas, which were also abundant.

It required another 8 hours to clean, prepare and make collections from
the above forage, bringing the total time necessary to harvest 3.5 pounds
of truffles to 15 man-hours. I'm W'd. <G> (that's Texan for bushed).

Daniel B. Wheeler

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