shiitake substrate

Colin Mitchell Beier cbeier at
Wed Sep 6 07:04:58 EST 2000

a brief note..

shitakes are linaria spp. and they are white spored agarics, hence they are
obligate mycorrhizal symbionts with pines, alders and Fagaceae spp. such as
oaks, beech, etc.  it might explain their preference for these substrates.
maybe not?

does anyone have an opinion on this?  i know that we arent talking about
mycorrhizae, but it seems interesting.


Paul Sinclair Stewart <abiogen at> wrote in message
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> In a Department of Agriculture trial here on Prince Edward Island, Canada
about 15 years ago, alder, poplar, and birch worked well, in descending
order of yield. Overall, poplar was the fastest to inoculate, with moderate
yields within 6 months.
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