paperproducts as growing medium

Tiina Schreck sales at
Mon Apr 9 08:13:00 EST 2001

first of all thanks for your input... a have come to a conclusion to try
out brown cardboardcrates used for shipping. i did some questioning here
(finland) and
it turned out that the leading newspaper of the country is using inks as

for the black: amophic coal; either the soot of burned natural gas or
the flamesoot(term?) from wasteoil and naftaline

the colours come from "the nature" -metals, i guess?- or are derived
from coal-tar

fixing agent is linen oil or varnish from resin mixed with mineral oils

oh... thing i had completely forgotten was about pesti- fungicides used
in the commercial papermaking; a threat? do you know if they break down
boiling similar to the breakdown of papers bindingmaterial (when boiled)
in making papiér mache? of course, there are also the other filling
materials used,
which behaviour should be understood...
and yet, then there is the bleaching process, that to my understanding
is nowadays mostly done with acids. maybe my fungi, somewhere? don't

i'm not sure whether the terms i used are at all proper -comprehencible-
as i just translated from my notes that are in finnish.

as for the straw, etc. you adviced to use; at the time being, the spring
is just showing the first glimpses of its self. the first flowers are
pushing their stalks
aboveground as we speak -write, that is.
would these be suitable also as a growing medium for wood cecomposing
mushrooms? cornstalks maybe?

as mentioned the summer is coming and it gives a lot more room to
manouvre in the material gathering hobby...

the main reason, i have to mention, for the desire to use wastepaper
material is the fact i live in a city. and what i see more (than agric.
byproducts) in my
surroundings is read papers and cardboard... wish it wasn't so, but this
is where my home and job is... so it would be 'groovy' to utilise this
material for
mushrooms and thereafter into flowerpots via composting...

yup, that's a lot of questions yet again... i guess i'll have to stop
for now.
enjoy the warming rays of the sun... well, here it has been such a long
time we've had these, i had almost forgotten how did they feel like...


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