Methods to transfer a plasmid into Pisolithus tinctorius wanted!

Ma Shisong xiaomar at
Fri Apr 20 07:56:45 EST 2001

I am a student working on my undergraduate thesis now. My project is to 
transfer a plasmid( about 11Kb) into the fungi Pisolithus tinctorius. The 
method I use now is to acquire the protoplast from the mycelium, incubate 
the protoplast with the plastmid, and then transfer the plasmid into 
protoplast by electroporation.

But I have some difficulties in getting the protoplast of Piolithus 
tinctorius. Could you tell me the methods?

Or, do you have any other methods to transfer a plasmid into Piolithus 

Thank you very much!

Sincerely yours,
Shisong Ma
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