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Mon Apr 30 12:23:05 EST 2001

Cathemo7178 at wrote:
> Hello,
> I have some of what i believe are mushrooms of some kind that keep coming up
> in my bark chips around my bushes and i dont know what they are.....maybe u
> could help me..
> They are round like the size of a tennis ball and have holes all around them
> and have alot of orange on them.......and stink very badly!!!!
> If u know what these are could u email me and let us know...never seen them
> before.....Pheweeeeeeeeeeeee!
> Thanks,
> Cathy
> ---
They sound like CLATHRUS RUBER.
As you say, smell foetid, unpleasant. Not edible, not poisonous.
Occur on the ground in gardens and broadleaved woodlands.
Look inside, they should be green to black (but take a gas mask first).
In the UK are *rare*, occuring mainly in the south, probably
an inport from southern Europe. I seem to remember a comment
somewhere that they are of Australian descent.

You don't say where you are in the world, if not in the UK
they just could be something else, though they are very distinctive.
Edwin Hutton

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