Are any mushrooms known to contain hydroxylamines?

Daniel B. Wheeler dwheeler at
Mon Aug 6 01:34:20 EST 2001

maxwatt2002 at (Max Watt) wrote in message news:<870a5d01.0107300838.33be32b1 at>...
> Several mushrooms are known to contain hydrazine as side chains
> glycoproteins, which makes them moderately toxic.
> Are any mushrooms known similarly to contain hydroxylamines?  One
> might expect this to function as an anti-oxidant.

I checked several references that I have, and couldn't find it at all
Max. Mushrooms by Hard, Chang and Hayes' The Biologcy and Cultivation
of Edible Mushrooms, and Benjamin's Mushrooms: Poisons and Panaceas
had no reference to hydrolamine at all.

Is there a particular reason you would expect fungi to have this
chemical? Would it be specific to one group of fungi?

Daniel B. Wheeler

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