Shoro (Rhizopogon rubescens) cultivated in NZ

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Fri Aug 10 02:28:03 EST 2001

According to an on-line press release ( ) Dr. Ian Hall
and others at the New Zealand Institute for Crop & Food Research
Limited have succeeded in cultivating Rhizopogon rubescens with Pinus
radiata New Zealand.

Rhizopogon rubescens, also known as Shoro in Japan, is greatly
esteemed there. The press release quotes prices of $800/kg. for Shoro
in Japan.

R. rubescens is a fairly common hypogeous fungi in the United States
as well. the December 1996-January 1997 issue of NATS Current News,
the bimonthly publication of the North American Truffling Society,
showed a photograph of Catherine Miller of Myrtle Creek holding a 30.5
ounce specimen (that's 1 lb. 14.5 ounces), collected Oct. 14, 1996 in
southern Oregon. The photograph was taken by Jack Hausotter. I
*believe* Jack told me the gigantic false truffle was found near Sugar
pine or other 5-needle pine. Part of it was visible above ground.

This single false-truffle, sold at the above prices, would have been
worth more than $600.

Dr. James Trappe has noted that Rhizopogons as a group are relatively
easy to cultivate.

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