Are any mushrooms known to contain hydroxylamines?

Max Watt maxwatt2002 at
Mon Aug 13 03:57:45 EST 2001

dwheeler at (Daniel B. Wheeler) wrote in message news:<6dafee1b.0108080811.33f970e0 at>...

> I believe Nancy Smith Weber told me that many if not most fungi
> contain traces of hydrazine. Even Agaricus bisporus contains small
> amounts. Hydrazine may therefore be more widespread than popularly
> believed.

Treatment for hydrazine poisoning involves administration of
pyridoxamine.  If one is getting enough of this B vitamin, or taking
supplements, I would expect hydrazine to be less poisonous than for
someone whose pyridoxamine status is poor.  This may explain why some
hydrazine-containing species are known to sicken some, while others
eat them with apparent impugnity.

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