Amanita phalloides poisoning diagnosis

Constantine P. SEMENCHUK const at
Wed Aug 29 04:59:18 EST 2001

Just few words about me -- I am an anesthesiologist from Ukraine. I am
very interested in Amanita phalloides poisoning very common in our
area. Unfortunately, I have not access to medical literature
concerning the subject. Situation with access to medical information
in Ukraine is gloomy now -- the central medical library is not
received any foreign anesthesia and critical care magazines since

Because we have not access to some reliable methods of laboratory
confirmation of the Amanita phalloides poisoning we have to use
determination of amatoxins by Meixner test. I have not detailed
description of the test -- only brief one. Therefore I do not know how
to perform the test in the case of the poisoning. For example, I do
not know in which proportion and for which purposes one should dilute
gastric contest with methanol. I will be very grateful to you if you
will help me with solving some question concerning Amanita phalloides
poisoning, i.e. microphotography of spores of Amanita phalloides
(examination of gastric contest for the spores is only method of
verification of the poisoning available in our hospital.

Thank you in advance!
With warmest regards,
Constantine P. SEMENCHUK                          

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