MUSHROOMS IN GREECE - New site address

Alpha Gamma xanangel at
Mon Dec 3 04:24:57 EST 2001

    After a long time of "homelessness", my fungi site "MUSHROOMS IN GREECE"
now up and running again at a new address: (My
thanks to B.W. Freyburger for helping me find a new home, and also to all
those who offered to help!). It has a new, simpler look and, though not 100%
active yet, already features over 700 photographs of about 90 species of
fungi, with more to be added in the immediate future. There are also a
couple of descriptions of fungi in addition to the photographs, but my
intention is to extend these to all of the species depicted on my site.

You are welcome to visit it and perhaps send me your comments or

Angelos Papadimitriou,

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