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Fri Dec 14 04:27:52 EST 2001

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> Hello there,
> I just got your number from another "Japanese" friend, Paul Pirot.
> Is there a home page or any doc available to learn more about your group?
> Sorry if this message looks rude, but I don't know any human name to address to,
> Mushrooms always mushroons....
> Best wishes,
> Daniel
> Daniel Ronald Guez (MD, PhD)
> INTERFACE Science & Communication
> 2-32-6 Jounan
> JP 569-0056 Takatsuki
> Nippon koku
> ------------------------------------------------
> PS. Concerning Kikuratake:
>          bionet.mycology
>    Daniel,
>    Kikuratake? Beats me. Could it be a new species created by outlaw
>    Japanese mycologists in an effort to confound western mycologists?
>    Perhaps, one day it will surface as an ingredient on Iron Chef.
> Japanese names are not different from Latin names or... Human names. Kikura-také is
> certainly not a new name but an old one (a local genome !)
> According to the dictionary:  "Kinoko no gogen  - hougen jiten" 1998, Auricularia auricula
> has been called:
> = agarii - kyusu (1897), = amabukuré (1899) , = kango no kusabira (1906), = ki-kura
> (1906), = ki-kuragi (1913), = kiguragé, kikuraké, kori-kori, kon
> nyaku,  shika no fuguri, etc. etc.
> Bingo! It has already surfaced as an ingredient in the local cuisine as in "
> Kikurataké-nabé" , where "nabé" means "casserole".
> Bon appétit!
> Daniel Guez  (another local Daniel)
I for one am happy to see another poster, Daniel. Welcome! While I
don't know of any FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) to this newsgroup,
I'm sure someone will mention it.<G>

I've been thinking that Boletopsis subsquamosa (Kurokawa) might be
good sliced thinly, the cooked, then dipped in a thin sauce with lots
of vinegar, kind of like our local Yoshida Original Gourmet Sauce.

The sauce, by the way, goes well with a bunch of mushrooms. I
especially like it with shiitake.

Daniel B. Wheeler

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