Lineage of Aspergillus

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Thu Feb 1 14:07:40 EST 2001

Hi CE,

You're right, the Taxonomy Browser doesn't give any detail about
relationships within the Aspergilli.

Here's another possibility:

Wang L, Yokoyama K, Miyaji M, Nishimura K. The identification and
phylogenetic relationship of pathogenic species of Aspergillus based on the
mitochondrial cytochrome b gene. Med Mycol. 1998 Jun;36(3):153-64. PMID:
9776828; UI: 99065785

I haven't seen the paper, but from the abstract it sounds like it might
contain what you're looking for.


>Hi Maria,
>thanks for the hint, but the NCBI Taxonomy Browser is one of the first
>things I tried, but as far as I found out it doesn`t go as far as
>subgroups so it doesn`t show you the relation between different species
>within the Aspergilli. Or is there anything I overlooked?
>  "Maria C. Costanzo" <mcc at> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Check out the NCBI Taxonomy Browser
>> (; it's a
>> great resource for fungi and all organisms.
>> Maria Costanzo
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