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Fungi on Lichens (Lichenicolous Fungi) - September 2 - 8, 2001 is one of
this year's advanced seminars at Eagle Hill in coastal Maine that is held
at the Humboldt Institute. For more information, please contact the
Humboldt Institute, PO Box 9, Steuben, ME 04680. 207-546-2821. Fax
207-546-3042. E-mail humboldt at Information and applications are
also available on the web at

Fungi on Lichens (Lichenicolous Fungi)
September 2 - 8, 2001
   The fungi obligately growing on lichens are one of the least explored
ecological niches for fungi. Over 1000 are now known, half described in the
last 20 years. New genera and species are continually being found - not
least in North America. The seminar introduces the various groups of
lichenicolous fungi and the characters and literature used in their
identification, and also methods of studying them. Collections will be made
in different habitats in the vicinity, but participants are also encouraged
to bring specimens they have collected to work up. Draft keys to UK and
Spanish species will be available to participants.
   Dr. David L. Hawksworth CBE (MycoNova, London, UK), an Honorary
President of the International Mycological Association and Past-President
of the British Mycological and Lichen Societies, has been fascinated by
lichens since the mid-1960s and described his first lichenicolous fungus in
1970. He has published keys and revisions of many of these fungi, collected
them in various parts of North America, and has recently completed a paper
(with M.S. Cole) describing new species and additions to these fungi in the
US. He was Director of the International Mycological Institute from
1983-97, but continues his research and undertakes teaching, editing, and
consultancy work.


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