Mushrooms in a painting

Edwin Hutton e.hutton at
Fri Feb 9 05:36:32 EST 2001

Moselio Schaechter wrote:
> The following website:
> .woa/wa/work?workNumber=NG1222
> shows a painting in the National Gallery, London, by the Dutch artist
> Melchior d'Hondecoeter with mushrooms  in it.
> The painting  (1668) is titled "Birds and Butterflies among Plants."
> The mushrooms in the right foreground look collybioid, but that's as far as
> I can get in identification.  What do you think they might be?
> Make sure to click the picture, to see it at the highest magnification.
> Elio Schaechter

They look a bit like a Mycena, possibly M. Galericulata due to the size.
However we can't get a magnifier to them to be at all sure,
and they look a bit old. Fortunately the painter has adopted a
photographic style.

Edwin Hutton

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