Histoplasmosis diagnosis by PCR

Marisela Aguilar mbae at jupiter.espoltel.net
Sat Feb 17 18:06:14 EST 2001

I am a student from University of Guayaquil-Ecuador and I am working in
a research about Histoplasma capsulatum. I am trying to identify this
fungus directly from        H. capsulatum strains and clinical specimens
by Polymerase Chain Reaction technique.

I would like to know if somebody is working isolating DNA of Histoplasma
capsulatum from clinical specimens. Is it possible?

I have another question: Is it necessary to use glass beads in order to
isolate DNA of Histoplasma capsulatum? Can I use sonication for
isolating DNA of this fungus?

Thanks for your help,
Marisela Aguilar Espinoza.


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