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Fri Feb 23 04:51:12 EST 2001

Dear friends of fungi and of mushroom books:
Here is a new website for Great Mushroom Books.
At you will find a selection of 100 of the rarest,  most
important and  most beautiful mycological works, with pictures showing
title-pages and selected plates.
 The site is designed for mycologists, amateurs, and bibliophiles.  Books
 from the Library of Christian Volbracht are not for sale.  If you have
never seen  colored plates by great mycologists such as Persoon, Batsch,
Fries, Bulliard, Vittadini, Bolton, Letellier, or Schweinitz,  now you have
the chance  to have a look.  You will also find  a bibliographical
description of the works.

Book-catalogues from Mykolibri, with old books for sale will be presented at
the new site as well.

Comments, advice, or critique concerning the new site are very welcome.

If it is of interest to you, please recommend it to others and use it as a
mycological link.

 Thank you.

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