Fungi fd. 1/6/2001

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Mon Jan 8 14:13:08 EST 2001

That's right folks! There's still a lot of mushrooms/fungi to be found
out there, even in the midst of January! Here's a few of what were found
today at 1,000 feet elevation in Clark County, Washington under full-
canopy Douglas fir plantation:

Laccaria amethystina (really old, and not much like what you'd think it
should look like)
Tuber gibbosum var. autumnale (Oregon White truffles)
Tuber gibbosum var. gibbosum (Oregon Gray truffle)
Hymenogaster (near parksii: this species was _crisp_ like an apple for
some reason, the first I've found like that)
Clitocybe sclerotoidea (abundant)
Marasmius sps. (don't ask me, I just pick 'em up)
Xylaria polymorpha
Inocybe fastigiata (latest I've ever found it, but it was 55 degrees
Clavariadelpus sachalinensis (abundant, several thousand specimens seen,
aparently on old needles)
Lycoperdon pyriforme (I'm guessing here, way too old to examine close-up)
Cystoderma fallax (scaley stem, but with brown gills, so I could have *
goofed* on this one)

Daniel B. Wheeler

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