Which decomposers would best decompose orange peels?

RushWayne rushwayne at aol.com
Fri Jan 12 15:26:14 EST 2001

GentleLi0n at aol.com wrote
     I'm starting my science project soon on which kinds of microorganisms
would decompose orange peels the fastest. I am looking for anything (not 
bugs of course!) that might be found in a compost 
heap and hopefully cheep to buy. Do you any suggestions about what kinds of
I should use? Do those organisms have a lot of information on-line? ( I have to
write a very 
long research paper. The more information the 
better!) Thank you for your time.

Becky  >>

	I haven't done any scientific comparisons,
but whenever my oranges go bad, the culprit
seems to be Penicillium mold, a mold
with blue spores.  There is a lot of info in
the scientific literature on Penicillium 
because it makes the antibiotic penicillin.
The first strain of Penicillium found to make
high quantities of penicillin, I'm told, was
discovered on a rotting grapefruit, in NY city,
I think it was.  
	By the way, don't even think about paying
anybody for a sample of Penicillium mold!
Just leave some citrus fruit in a damp place
without much ventilation, and you will soon
have all the mold you'll need.
"Growing Mushrooms with Hydrogen Peroxide"

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