Anyone know a rust (fungi) on Hydrophylla?

Richard McGuiness armich at
Mon Jul 2 01:37:56 EST 2001

The new phyloxora causing sudden oak death here in California has now been found to be infecting leaves of madrone,
pepperwood (bay, bay myrtle) and huckleberry. The information on thier website ( is saying this
makes it unique amongphyloxora for the very reason that it is attacking stems and branches i9n some species and
leaves in others. Rich McGuiness

"Daniel B. Wheeler" wrote:

> quackerbox at (Jody Reese) wrote in message news:<13347-3B341EC6-70 at>...
> > Is it the same kind of rust like you would find on Grapes? If so,what's
> > something that would knock it out? The rust has just appeared and it
> > looks like the same kind that desimated them last year:(  Jody
> The Hydrophyllum rust is autoecious, meaning found only on
> Hydrophyllum. The grape rust or smut you speak of is different. If
> could be "noble rot" which turns grapes into works of vinicultural
> art. Or it could be the dreaded Phyloxora, but I believe P. usually
> shows up on stems and roots.
> There are powerful, broad-spectrum anti-fungicides which can be
> applied to grapes. Other than being expensive, I can't supply
> additional information. Check with your local county extension service
> agent for more information.
> Daniel B. Wheeler

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