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> > Anon wrote:
> > > The newsgroup is a seldom used
> > > group that might be suited for bionet.mycology pics.
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> > The newsgroup bionet.mycology is a well-used group that is
> > definitely suitable for bionet.mycology pics.  <g>
> Please NO! Use a binaries newsgroup or, preferably, post a URL.
> Please don't post pictures as attachments in this group.
> If everyone did that it would take ages to download over my modem,
> cost me money, fill up my hard disc, crash my machine, and ultimately
> I'd have to unsubscribe to a group that I enjoy reading all because
> people want to break the long standing Usenet traditions of keeping
> non-binary newsgroups text only. Also, searchable Usenet archives would
> not be able to store so many articles, would take much longer to search,
> and everyone concerned is disadvantaged. There's a reason for the
> traditions of Usenet and, although breaking them may be convenient for
> the person posting, by doing so they inconvenience many many readers
> both now and in the future, which in my view is unthinking and selfish.
> I apologise for that outbreak if the <g> was supposed to indicate
> that you were being ironic. :-)

Good post, James. Excellent reasoning, although I'm still in the dark
<G> about posting to _any_ posting. With apologies to James, I
actually did try to send one through to bionet.mycology: it didn't
work. :(

In the meantime, I'm running around taking pictures of nearly
everything I can find with my new Sony Mavica electronic camera, which
saves pictures on floppy disks. (Note the sly advertisement.) <G> And
while a <g> could be interpreted as an ironic comment, it generally
just means <grin>. <G> An upper case <G> (at least to me) means a
_big_ grin.

And just to keep this still on topic, last weekend I went looking for
the rare Bridgeoporus nobilissima, to take pictures of the same. Where
I found at least 7 specimens two years ago, I found _NONE_. I hope (or
is that wishful thinking?) that another nearby site has not been found
to date, and the affected snags/standing dead trees may still have a few hundred yards away. Hope to look this weekend, but my
poor diabetic feet just don't like the up-and-down of the steeper
portions of the Cascades.

I _did_ get some terrific photographs of the fairly rare Gastroboletus
turbinatus, as well as two different animal middens of what I suspect
were once Calvatia fumosa. I'm glad the animals were eating this: I
dislike the aroma as much as Thaxterogaster pinque, which I also have
nice photos of now.

It is _so_ nice to be able to look at my pictures on my computer
within minutes of shooting them. And, if I don't like any of them, I
just trash them and store another electronic photo where the old one
used to be. It sure saves on the photo developing!

Daniel B. Wheeler

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