When to go "shrooming"?

Colin A. B. Davidson cabd2 at hermes.cam.ac.uk
Tue Jul 3 15:03:11 EST 2001

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> > do you know the best time to go shroming.Is it in the morning or at the
> > after noon.
> I replied as follows.
> "That depends entirely on whether one prefers morning weather, or
> weather."

Good answer:-)

I'd argue that there are advantages to both morning and afternoon foraging.

Morning hunting tends to be good for finding big fleshy mushrooms, Agaricus
and Boletus, for example. It's also good for Coprinus comatus, which by
lunchtime on a warm day might have gone a bit inky.

On the downside, the mushrooms picked on a morning can be a bit damp, 'dewy'
I'd say. For the smaller mushrooms (Laccaria, Marasmius) this is a problem,
they tend to be less flavoursome in my opinion. I'd also say that Russulas
picked in the morning can be a bit more brittle due to this dampness.

Afternoon foraging has the advantage of (ususally) allowing the mushrooms to
dry out just a little (although as it's typically raining whenever I go
looking, there's not a lot of difference:-). That said, I seem to find more
evidence of worm/maggot damage in the afternoon (presumably the maggots are
more active in the higher daytime temperature?).

My answer? Go in the morning AND the afternoon:-)

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