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> Interesting.  My ISP/software leave me to make my own choices
> regarding downloading an attached binary file or to decline it,
> and I presumed this would be a largely universal feature.

I've not heard of such a feature before.

> Perhaps you ought to try a differrent ISP/software combination.

I don't think the ISP has anything to do with it - a news
server is a news server. However, I admit that my news
reader could do with considerable improvement. It is
designed with off line reading in mind and does not have an
on line interactive NNTP session mode of operation at all.
Sadly, the choice of news reading software on RISC OS is
limited and I'm further limited in what I can afford.

That said, I'm not on an unmetered tariff with the phone
company so I have to pay for time spent on line. Therefore,
I download all my news groups and read them off line. As a
result it is not possible to make individual choices about
whether to download each and every article.

I think my situation is very common, so my point about not
posting binary attachments stands.

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