When to go "shrooming"?

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> I get a lot of emails from people who browse one or another of my webpages.  I
> thought many of you might be entertained by this one, and my reply thereto.
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> > do you know the best time to go shroming.Is it in the morning or at the 
> > after noon.
> I replied as follows.
> "That depends entirely on whether one prefers morning weather, or afternoon
> weather."
It has been my experience that early morning mushrooms are somewhat
sluggish, and cannot sprint into the underbrush quite so easily. This
allows me to stalk them and then de-stalk them.<G>

OTOH, the best time for hunting truffles is whenever you can see them,
whenever that may be. In France and Italy many people search during
the night, so as to not advertise to other truffle hunters. However,
the extreme sluggishness of late-rising truffle hunters give the
advantage to the truffle. This is especially true to the naturally
camouflaged Tuber melanosporum and Leucangium carthusiana, which look
so similar to charcoal or coal that sometimes they are confused for
other naturally elements. The close proximity of truffles to elk
and/or deer herds can cause some first-time trufflers some distress.

Daniel B. Wheeler

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