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Wed Jul 4 02:39:07 EST 2001

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> Good post, James. Excellent reasoning,

Gosh thank you. I'm not used to receiving praise on Usenet.
That's just not how people are. Usually, if people agree they
say nothing, and if they don't they tell you so forcefully. :-)

> although I'm still in the dark
> <G> about posting to _any_ posting. With apologies to James, I
> actually did try to send one through to bionet.mycology: it didn't
> work. :(

It should be the same as attaching things to an email. Perhaps
your newsreader is configured to disallow attachments, or perhaps
one of the news servers that propagated your posting has a filter
to catch attachments in non-binary groups (a filtering policy that
I would support).

> In the meantime, I'm running around taking pictures of nearly
> everything I can find with my new Sony Mavica electronic camera,

I got a new digital camera recently, and the temptation is to go
wild taking lots of pictures, just because you can.

> And just to keep this still on topic, last weekend I went looking for
> the rare Bridgeoporus nobilissima, to take pictures of the same.

Hmmm, not heard of that one. I guess it's not a UK species then?

> I _did_ get some terrific photographs of the fairly rare Gastroboletus
> turbinatus, as well as two different animal middens of what I suspect
> were once Calvatia fumosa. I'm glad the animals were eating this: I
> dislike the aroma as much as Thaxterogaster pinque, which I also have
> nice photos of now.

I can't wait to see all these photos on the web. So when are
you going to post a URL to a web gallery of fungi photos?

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