Anyone know a rust (fungi) on Hydrophylla?

Rich McGuiness armich at
Wed Jul 4 02:39:11 EST 2001

Thank you for correcting that. I also see I wrote a "b" at the end of "sudden" in I am not a
mycologist but this is a big threat and I thought some folks here might have an interest in this fungal attack. Several
other fungi have been isolated from the ooze of the wounds and the picture is getting cloudier.
Richard McGuiness
Russ Bulluck wrote:

> except it's a Phytophthora not a phylloxora.  Phylloxera are aphid-like
> insects that infest roots (especially grapes) see:
> Richard McGuiness wrote:
> >
> > The new phyloxora causing sudden oak death here in California has now been found to be infecting leaves of madrone,
> > pepperwood (bay, bay myrtle) and huckleberry. The information on thier website ( is saying this
> > makes it unique amongphyloxora for the very reason that it is attacking stems and branches i9n some species and
> > leaves in others. Rich McGuiness
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