Anyone know a rust (fungi) on Hydrophylla?

Russ Bulluck lrbulluck at
Wed Jul 4 02:39:28 EST 2001

The soil is a wonderful medium for organisms to live in and ecology of
the soil is one of my favorite subjects.  There are a huge number of
websites depending on what you are looking for (bacteria, fungi,
protozoa, nematodes, mites, earthworms).  A good place to start is:

Elaine Ingham's group (she's at OSU, too, I believe). . .

Or just type in soil and your favorite microorganism into your favorite
search engine.

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The soil population is so complex that it manifestly cannot 
be dealt with as a whole with any detail by any one person, 
and at the same time it plays so important a part in the soil 
economy that it must be studied. 
--Sir E. John Russell 
The Micro-organisms of the Soil, 1923 

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