BMS Mystery Mushroom #1

Colin A. B. Davidson cabd2 at
Wed Jul 18 02:01:12 EST 2001

"The Mule" <tsudonim at> wrote in message
news:1b83d959.0107150716.7d256260 at
> Greetings-
> I invite and encourage all interested parties to view the picture at-
> and tell us what the heck it is.
> Also, the link on the BMS homepage- "The Screaming Toadstool" is a BB
> that can be used by anyone who wants to read about and comment on what
> is coming up in the Berkshires.

That's a toughie.

Entoloma aprile sometimes has a darker sporeprint than the 'salmon pink'
it's listed as having in Phillips. That said, I've never seen a spore print
that dark from it, and I've not personally found it this late in the year
(though our seasons being as messed up as they are this year, it wouldn't
surprise me).

Other than that, I'm stumped!

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