BMS Mystery Mushroom #1

The Mule tsudonim at
Thu Jul 19 03:07:45 EST 2001

Greetings all-

Thank you for your input.
On Thursday July 19, 2001 we will do some microscopy on the spores.

I posted this same inquiry to the NAMA listserver, and got enough
feedback within 24 hours to make a tentative ID of....

Volvariella speciosa var. gloicephala

Unfortunately, it took 72 hours to post to this BB (the price of

Our little club, BMS (berkshire Mycological Society)does not have many
members yet, but one of them is the Biology Prof. at Simon's Rock
College, so we have access to a lab. On Thursday, we are going to do a
microscopy workshop for ourselves. Depending on the equipment, maybe I
can even post a picture of the spores!

Thanks again for your input,
Anyone near the berkshires feel free to come to a meeting or go
picking with us!

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