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Mon Jul 23 02:48:03 EST 2001

James Taylor <SEE_MY_SIG at> wrote in message news:<ant1918500b0fNdQ at>...
> On 4th July James Taylor wrote:
> > 
> > I can't wait to see all these photos on the web. So when are
> > you going to post a URL to a web gallery of fungi photos?
> On 19th July Daniel B. Wheeler wrote:
> > 
> > <G> Soon.
> Wow, from the 4th to the 19th July - that's some serious netlag!
> I'm suspicious that my post took two weeks to make it over the pond.
> Could it really have taken that long, or did you just decide to
> respond to an old article?
Actually, my webmaster has all the information on his computer, so I
can't do a whole lot with the data. Changed ISP's recently, and new
ISP has one site for email accounts, and another for website FTP.
Webmaster told me this morning the new info I gave him, supposedly for
the website, doesn't work. So it's back to playing phone tag...
> > I hope my webmaster will have posted my new webpage with
> > some of these new pics by the end of the week.
> Why wait for a webmaster to do it? Can't you just FTP them yourself?
> After all, you don't really need to go to all the trouble of designing
> a fancy web page, it's enough just to dump the JPEGs in a directory.
That would be enough. But I want the jpegs to jump out and download
quickly, instead of waiting for minutes to download each. took
a lot of work and time to work the gallery into the revised website.

> > I won't be able to afford putting as many as I wanted up,
> > but there should still be a fairly good selection.
> By "afford" do you men that you are limited by the cost of your
> webmaster's time, or by the available storage space on the web server?
> If it's your webmaster's time then, again, I would ask why not do it
> yourself? All you need is some free web space and a correctly
> configured FTP client. Cost shouldn't be an issue.
Well, afford refers to my bank account. <G> And everytime I get a neat
new idea (like posting a gallery of fungi) the price keeps going up. I
guess I'm going to have to learn FTP myself.<groan>
> > You almost have to be present when the mushroom is cut to appreciate
> > how rapidly this fungus goes from bright-yellow fleshed to dark blue
> > to nearly purple-black. One oddity though: the base of the stem as
> > just sliced, turned bright red in one specimen.
> Fascinating, I can't wait...

Unfortunately another great idea that fizzled. My camera, a Sony
Mavica, just didn't pick up the colors I saw: bright neon
orange/yellow changing within seconds to blue-green, blue, and finally
a dark purple-black. Even shooting photos as fast as the camera would
allow (about 3 second intervals) there is almost no detectable
difference between the second and 15th photo. Even between the first
and second, the change is so profound as to seem to be a completely
different fungus.

I so rarely find G. turbinatus that I hesitate to work on _all_ of the
fungi present. But I did leave another 6-7 at the site (far more than
in previous years) so may decide to harvest another single fungus in
the interests of scientific understanding. BTW, G. turbinatus has been
genetically linked to B. satanus, so strongly do not encourage any
sampling of this fungus by anyone.

But oh, what colors!!!

Daniel B. Wheeler

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