Which is better: monoculture or multiculture for truffles?

Daniel B. Wheeler dwheeler at teleport.com
Mon Jul 23 02:48:20 EST 2001

I have just got done reading everything I can find on truffle
cultivation. The European cultivation attempts seems to be limiting:
only a single mycorrhizal species is introduced or encouraged. But in
nature single-species mycorrhizal inoculation is so unusual here in
the PNW as to be noteworthy. One website I found indicated 7 species
of mycorrhizal fungi on a single 1/2 centimeter rootlet.

So I would like to ask the experts (you are all experts, aren't you?)
which do you think is better for production: single species
inoculation or multiple species? The reason I ask is that I personally
do not attempt truffle inoculation unless there are several other
"indicator mycorrhizal species" present.

Could this be a reason why truffle production is Europe is declining?

Daniel B. Wheeler

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