Bio Blitz 2001

Daniel B. Wheeler dwheeler at
Tue Jun 5 01:43:41 EST 2001

>From the NATS Current News, June-July, 20001, (19:4) p 1

Pat Rawlinson reported about the upcoming Bio Blitz June 22nd June
22nd and 23rd. Natures Food Service will provide food at a nominal
fee. last year 900 varieties of plants, animals, fish, insects, birds
and fungi were recorded, with NATS showing a very good turn-out.
Camping for participants is provided free. Last year 52 birds were
recorded, of which two had never been found in the park.

The 2000 Bio Blitz was held at Champoeg State Park, along the
Willamette River, about 8 miles SSE of where the Willamette River and
I-5 meet. While note stated in the source above, I presume this year's
Bio Blitz will again be held at the same site.

Hope to see you there! Especially needed are mycologists capable of
identifying mycorrhizae from root samples, as well as soil scientists
and grass specialists. Please send this notice on to anyone who might
fill those. It would be interesting to find someone qualified to
identify many of the endophytic fungi found in Douglas fir needles,

Daniel B. Wheeler

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