Truffles Fd. 6/2-3/01

Daniel B. Wheeler dwheeler at
Tue Jun 5 01:43:49 EST 2001

At the June NATS Forage to Mt. Hebo Lake, Tillamook Co., OR. I saw or
collected the following fungi:
Tuber species: small (about 5mmx3mmx4mm), part light reddish, no odor,
under Douglas fir, Sitka spruce, oxallis, Small False lily of the
valley, huckleberry; up to 4 inches deep in soft, humus rich soil.

Elaphomyces (granulatus?) near Sitka spruce.

Melanogaster sps. (near larger Douglas fir, with understory of
huckleberry, salmonberry, oxallis, Small False Lily of the valley)
near M. tuberiformis.

Endogone sps. (bright rose to red streak in the center when first
sliced, but toning quickly (within 30 seconds) to brown and ecru). I
have never seen this color change in an Endogone before, and it may be
a new species.

The following day (June 3) found the following fungi at Clackamas
County, OR under nearly full canopy Douglas fir with mixed forbes and
Western hazel:

Tuber gibbosum var. gibbosum (Oregon Gray truffle)
Tuber murinum (Oregon Pallid truffle)
Barssia oregonensis (Oregon Winter truffle)
Rhizopogon sps. (very dark, rather tough to cut)
Rhizopogon sps. (very light colored, light buff to tan)
Endogone lactiflua
possible Glomus sps.

I didn't find many Martellia this spring: rather odd considering it is
one of the most abundant species to fruit.

Daniel B. Wheeler

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